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Project-based learning

We challenge teenagers learning Science with both teacher-led activities and project-based learning.

Expert teachers

Courses are run by experienced and qualified teachers with a personal flair for online teaching.

Quality learning materials

Full access to the world's leading online textbooks and interactive learning materials.

How do teenagers learn?

In adolescence learners naturally move from concrete thinking to abstract thinking. A Science teacher’s job is not to focus on the facts and information, but to teach their students to think more deeply, make connections, solve problems and recognise patterns in data, in short, they need to facilitate the development of abstract thinking 

Kelly Guthrie, Founder, Guthrie Online Learning

Our mission

Our mission is to increase student learning in secondary Science and to lead the way to a new learning culture that is personal, student-driven and relevant.

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21st Century learning skills

It’s no longer,  “Sit down, don’t talk, and don’t ask questions!”

We let students collaborate, be creative, communicate, and ask questions. These skills come naturally if we don’t block them…

Collaboration is working together to achieve goals and gain understanding.

Communication is key to being human, through curiosity and inquiry kids gain understanding and command of the world around them.

Creativity is spontaneous, playful and quizzical, to make things, break things and put them back together.

Critical thinking involves asking questions, analysing, and evaluation. It is training the mind to think in a different way.

Learning is an adventure

More about what we do...

Frequently asked questions

At Guthrie Online Learning we believe that qualified and experienced teachers are the number one factor in learning. We know too, that students learn better in a social environmentwhere they can learn with and from their peers.  We provide both fabulous teachers and a secure social environment as well as the freedom and flexibility that comes with homeschooling – ‘own time, own place’ – and we encourage ownership of learning within individual and group projects. 

Our antiquated school system doesn’t serve the individual student, it controls the flow of time to such an extent that no-one is flourishing as they should. Schools can’t support the diversity of individual student personalities and individual student learning needs because these can’t be organised within a system. 

The skills that are commonly referred to as 21st century skills are collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. GOL supports each these by explicitly teaching structured discussion and allowing project based individual and group learning

Our programs have online and offline components, to reduce reliance on internet connection and we provide every student with their own copy of the textbook (as well as the online version) so if there is a longer disruption to learning because of internet issues, students can continue with the program. 

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