Science Year 8 Term 4 2021


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About Course

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe but it only makes up 0.000055% of the air we breathe. Does this make it the element of surprise?



    Q: What do you do with a sick chemist?

    A:  Well if you can’t Helium and you can’t Curium, then you                 might as well Barium.

Year 8 begin their term of chemistry with an examination of the periodic table of elements. They investigate common metals and non-metals and see how they are extracted from ores, and they build 3D models to understand elements, compounds and mixtures.

Next, they perform various physical and chemical reactions in their kitchen labs (and virtual labs) and learn how to detect the presence of newly formed chemicals and what they are. This is the foundational chemistry unit where students start to use the chemical symbols and write chemical and word equations for common chemical reactions.

Australian Curriculum Outcomes


Science understanding

Differences between elements, compounds and mixtures can be described at a particle level (ACSSU 152)

Chemical change involves substances reacting to form new substances (ACSSU 225) 

Science as a human endeavour

Scientists construct explanations about the natural world based on evidence and these explanations change when new evidence becomes available. The science of today will lead to the technology of tomorrow as scientists work collaboratively, using new skills and modern methods. Only a high level of scientific understanding among people of all cultures will ensure that governments follow ethical considerations when legislating the use of emerging technology. (ACSHE 119, 223, 120, 121)

Science inquiry skills

This term Year 8 will work individually or in small groups to produce a project on a chemical reaction: which allows student choice; is organized around an open-ended question; requires inquiry to learn and/or create something new; requires critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and various forms of communication (often known as 21st-century skills); incorporates feedback and revision and results in a presentation. (ACSIS 124, 125, 126, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133)

Science content for the term



Week 1 – Orientation week

Week 2 – Elements

Week 3 – Compounds and mixtures

Week 4 – Minerals

Week 5 – Carbon

Physical and chemical change

Week 6 – When substances change

Week 7 – Understanding physical change

Week 8 – Chemical reactions

Week 9 – Chemicals in industry

Week 10 – Scientific models

Term 4 Dates 2021

Commence   Monday 5 October 

Finish          Friday 10 December    

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