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About Us 


We have brought together our teaching experience and our love of life and learning in an enterprise that explores and extends our fascination with different approaches and philosophies:  project-based learning, the flipped classroom, Socratic questioning, constructivist learning, improvisation games and nature schools. Our goal is to create a space where students can explore the boundaries of learning in an individual way. We provide a multimodal delivery of content with practical investigations, group activities and challenges to deliver a depth of scientific knowledge in a digestible way.  


Our home-based teaching and learning business grew out of our passion for knowledge and flows from a dynamic working relationship. We see our endeavour as being a bridge between old and new learning systems and a path back to a reverence for nature and the cosmos. We hope to provide students learning at home with foundational scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills which will enrich their lives.  


We are grateful for your support, 

 Kelly and Adrian Guthrie 

Adrian and Kelly




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