Meet our team

Kelly Guthrie, BScTch Director
Founder of Guthrie Online Learning, Kelly Guthrie is a secondary Science teacher with a passion for online education.
Science Teacher extraordinaire Teaching science to curious kids
We are looking for you!
Adrian Guthrie, MCA, PhD. Administrator
Writer and educationalist, Adrian Guthrie provides an in-house sounding-board and some of the idea for innovative learning.
Science Teacher out-of-the-box Teacher for fascinated kids
We are patiently putting our team together now.
Marnie Martin Office Manager
A friendly voice on the phone and a whiz with organising the unorganisable, Marnie Martin is the person who makes it all happen.
pngegg (43)
Other teachers are on the way Champion Maths Teacher
We are recruiting teachers at the moment.




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