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Guthrie Online Learning (GOL) provides Secondary Courses in an interactive learning environment through our website and related services (the educational platform). These Terms and Conditions (T&C) aim to ensure the safety, wellbeing, convenience, and good order of this educational platform, its students, parents/carers and our staff.

Courses are offered in four (4) Terms each Calendar Year, and each Term has ten (10) weeks (approximately in line with the New South Wales Education Department). Our Terms Dates are advised on the GOL website.

Online learning requires that both teachers and students take an active role and contribute to the dialogue between teacher and students, and among students themselves. We all need to show respect and consideration towards each other.


Enrolment Agreement


Parents/carers who enrol a student agree to pay the Course Term fees (including GST) in full prior to the commencement of each Term or according to an agreed schedule of payments using the payment method selected on the enrolment form.

Parents and carers who enrol students accept that they are required to pay the full amount of the Course Term fees (including GST) even if the student does not complete the Term.

Each enrolment is exclusive to the student named and must not be shared with others. Course fees are non-transferable to other students.

Course enrolment commences when the student is given course access/or sent course materials via another method.

Students are unable to graduate from their course and receive a final academic report until course fees have been paid in full.

It is the family’s responsibility to register for home education with NESA or the appropriate local authority. (GOL can supply families with our teaching program, our teachers’ qualifications, and our curricular information to support such applications.)


Course Materials, Access, and Assessment


The Course Materials, including copyright and all intellectual property rights, remain the property of GOL. You may not reproduce, copy, distribute or share online or otherwise any part of these Course Materials without the prior written consent of GOL.

Course materials are provided online or via alternative means. The website may occasionally be unavailable, in that event our course materials will be provided by another mode of delivery.

Independent learning and project group work will be required to complete most courses. Teacher support will be available within the times agreed on for the particular course.

Course materials, course content and assessment are subject to change.

All assessments must be submitted online via the GOL educational platform.

Access to Courses will be closed after the completion of the Term’s work; and access to the GOL educational platform will be suspended after six (6) months of inactivity.


Course Withdrawal and Refunds


Guthrie Online Learning complies with Australian Consumer Law in the state of New South Wales (https://consumerlaw.gov.au/consumers-and-acl/other-consumer-protections/new-south-wales).

If you change your mind about a course after enrolment, we are not required to provide a refund. However, while course fees are non-refundable, where you can demonstrate that there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from undertaking their course, we may consider a deferment, transfer, refund or partial refund.

Only if the enrolment is cancelled more than 7 days prior to the commencement date and if access to resources has not been provided will a full refund be offered.

If the enrolment is cancelled within 7 days of the course commencement date and if no access to resources has been provided a 50% refund is allowed.

No refund will be given after the course commencement date.

No refund will be provided where work or assessment has been saved or submitted.

The decision of assessing the extenuating circumstances rests with the Managing Director and shall be assessed on a case by case situation.


Code of Practice



GOL will aim for transparency, fairness, and ethical practices in all its activities.

GOL will issue a tax invoice.

GOL will provide login details to access the online Course Materials (or alternative access) and mark assessments and provide feedback where applicable on submitted assessment tasks.

GOL will provide teacher support throughout the enrolment.

GOL will provide an academic report indicating the outcomes covered and the educational goals met at the end of each Term.


Student Obligations


Parents and carers of students are required to:

  • Ensure that all the information provided to GOL is accurate;
  • Notify GOL of any contact changes in email, telephone or address;
  • Advise GOL of any difficulties or problems they may experience with GOL staff, procedures or training.

Students will not submit without acknowledgement or claim as their own, work derived from other sources or work completed by another person.

Students, parents and carers agree to conduct themselves in a civil and respectful way in all communications with GOL staff, online, in telephone calls, emails and instant chats; under no circumstances shall you use abusive language or harass staff. GOL reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, what constitutes abusive language and harassment, and where that has occurred; and may, partially or completely, deny service to any infringing party.




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